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Customized Warehouse Storage Solutions

When you simply do not have storage room, KoreOnsite’s warehouse provides a great storage solution!

  • Pay Only for the Space You Use.

    No fixed storage amounts and no monthly charges. You are only billed for the space you use, for the days, not months, that you use it.

  • Instant Retrieval.

    Have access to your product when you need it. All your products are available for viewing or shipping with 24 hours notice, and with less notice upon request.

  • Furniture Specialist.

    Your furniture needs experienced processes and staff to prevent damage. KoreOnsite provides the convenience of a warehouse cross dock with specialized systems, equipment, and staff to ensure your furniture is handled properly.

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Advantages of KoreOnsite Storage:

Rest easy knowing that your product is being taken care of; At KoreOnsite, you will experienced:

  • Racking / Crating / Bin / Carpet / Fabric
  • Unwrapped pieces for viewing
  • Careful preparing for storage
  • No shuffling of your product
  • Organized & clean warehouse
  • Fully insured, manned, & secure location
  • Cost savings: billed daily, not monthly
  • Monthly reporting